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Studio C.E.T. provides an all-round interpreting service, including:

Negotiation interpretation:

for private negotiations of a business and/or technical, legal nature, in company facilities in Italy and abroad.

Despite the fact that Internet has created new and more immediate ways of communicating, "face to face" negotiations nevertheless continue to be the most widely preferred.

Conference interpreting:

for meetings and conventions, private or open to the public, namely:

* simultaneous: verbal translation provided by a professional interpreter using specific equipment (simultaneous interpretation booths). The members of the audience are provided with earphones to follow the address in their language, and translation is provided “simultaneously". This method is also suitable for speakers and an audience of different nationalities, where several simultaneous interpretation booths are required for the different language combinations;
* consecutive: to be preferred where simultaneous interpretation equipment cannot be installed. This method envisages the speaker giving his/her address for about 10 minutes without interruption, during which time the interpreter takes notes and then presents the “gist” of the speech just made in the language understandable to the audience.
* chuchotage: also known as "whispering", inasmuch as it involves whispering the translation of what has been said, during meetings, in the ear of the foreign guest so as to involve him/her in the proceedings. The results are guaranteed thanks to expert professionals able to provide a top-quality service.

We also provide a Voice Over service for dubbing industrial films in a foreign language.

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