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This is iConference in a nutshell:  it is an integrated system for multi-language translation that utilises whatever system you have, infrared, wireless..
The final product has been the brain child of a pool of experts in electronics, audio and translating.  It is indeed a win-win result: easy to install and easy to use.
We have tested it in various scenarios, from the no-brainers to the most complicated.  The results have been outstanding and the feedback has been indeed positive.  Compared to whatever else is on the market right now, iConference is by far the best.
Oh, we nearly forgot: iConference can be used for Skype and web conferences as well.

The accurate choice of components that make up for this very nice product (yes, aesthetics are also important..) vastly reduces the chances of a breakdown (think of Murphy's law and you get the picture..).

So, here we are, iConference has it all: looks and "brains". 

Oh, and it can also hook up with any sound system..
What you get with the iConference package is a main station and up to 4 double booths for your interpreters.  Yes, you got it, iConference is modular and can adjust to your needs and budget!

This is a product 100% devised, designed and built in Italy.  It carries the CE stamp (you know what that means) and it complies with all EEC regulations that cover its design, construction, marketing, use and, should that be really necessary, disposal..

The link between the main station and the booths utilises a simple Ethernet cable (the standard length is 5m but we can extend it up to 50m).  An external power source is what gives the system its juice.

You can only install it in the right way, so rest assured and start having fun!

Now that you know what iConference does and how it connects, let us explain what you will find and where:
On the left hand side you will find: the input for the source audio (it works on both Canon and jack) and next to it the plug for the power source.

On the right hand side there are the Ethernet connections for the interpreters' booths (up to 4)

And now, the front panel! We have the on and off button (it even lights up, how's that!), the outputs for the audience's main language (that depends on where you are and the nationality
of your audience), the headphone's source output and the other 4 outputs for the translated languages.  Ok, it may read and sound complicated: trust us, it is not.

Interpreters' booths Each booth draws power from the main station and it can accommodate up to two interpreters.

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